While our attorneys handle all facets of automobile accident litigation, we also handle a variety of legal issues for trucking and railroad clients.  Trucking litigation can arise from trucking accidents to alleged violations of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  Our work for railroads includes litigation from work place injuries or accidents under the Federal Employee Liability Act (FELA), grade crossing accidents and passenger injuries.  Our attorneys have handled personal injury cases across the intermountain west.

Dewhirst Dolven & Parker is recognized for its aggressive and competent, yet cost effective representation in civil and commercial litigation.  Our attorneys have been involved in complex multi-party litigation and numerous “front page” cases over the years.  Furthermore, our attorneys are licensed throughout the Rocky Mountain region, including Colorado, Utah, Texas and Wyoming so we can provide our clients representation where it is most needed.  While our attorneys have sound trial experience, we work closely with the client to achieve their goals in a cost effective manner including early evaluation and resolution, and alternative fee arrangements.

Our Civil Litigation areas include:  Construction Litigation; Commercial Litigation; Real Estate Litigation; Environmental Litigation; Personal Injury Litigation, and cases involving, Trucking; Railroad Defense; Defamation; Libel and Slander; Legal Malpractice; Toxic Tort; Asbestos; Mold; Oil and Gas; Outdoor Recreation; Horse Riding; Whitewater Rafting; Climbing; Guides; Contracts; Business Tort; Premises Liability; Products Liability; and Auto Accidents.

At Dewhirst Dolven & Parker, we represent clients from all facets of the construction industry.  Our construction practice includes but is not limited to handling construction-related general liability claims from alleged defective construction, defending malpractice claims against design and engineering professionals, and defending job-site accident claims.  We have developed considerable expertise in handling large, multiple party cases.

Cyber-crime and data breaches are on the rise, as are governmental fines and penalties against companies that fail to comply with the ever-changing regulations designed to prevent these breaches. At Dewhirst Dolven & Parker we take a preemptive approach to legal defense in this area. In conjunction with Cyber Defense Shield, LLC, we provide guidance through the myriad of federal and state laws which all companies must comply before a breach occurs.  And if a breach does occur, we provide our clients with the mandatory notification letters and any necessary representation before governmental agencies and in civil litigation.

Our attorneys are well versed in defending defamation lawsuits where one party has alleged his or her reputation has been damaged due to a written or oral statement made by another.  We zealously defend our clients in such circumstances and pursue all available defenses such as truth of the statement, lack of harm, consent, opinion or privilege.  Our goal is to pursue early and satisfactory resolution for our clients.

Dewhirst Dolven & Parker represents corporate officers and directors in various types of claims including, but not limited to claims relating to alleged securities fraud, shareholder derivative suits, insider trader investigations, administrative actions before regulatory agencies and corporate governance disputes involving claims for alleged bad faith, malfeasance and negligence.  We can also assist in internal corporate investigations.  Our attorneys have extensive practical knowledge in this area which benefits our clients in both court and arbitration proceedings.

The attorneys who practice in the environmental area have the legal experience to address environmental claims and lawsuits.  We have represented a wide range of private and public entity clients in environmental litigation and toxic tort claims including, but not limited to, exposure to mold, asbestos, PCBs, de-icing fluid, benzene, and fuels.

With the proliferation of litigation in our society, more and more individuals are bringing claims and/or lawsuits against professionals in the health care field including physicians, dentists, orthodontists, nurses, and mental health therapists. Often times these lawsuits are the first contact a healthcare provider has with the judicial system.  At Dewhirst Dolven & Parker, we strive to mount a vigorous defense for our clients while keeping the client fully informed and educated about the proceedings in which they are involved.  Due to our vigorous defense we are often able to seek early and satisfactory resolution of these claims on behalf of our clients so they can get back to what they do best, providing healthcare to those who need it.  Our attorneys can also assist healthcare professionals appearing before administrative or regulatory agencies.

The firm has experience litigating oil and gas disputes, including disputes over take or pay contracts, unit agreements, operating agreements, royalties, drilling agreements and personal injury actions involving oil and gas operations.

The Rocky Mountain Region offers a number of outdoor recreational activities one can engage in throughout the year.  During the summer months, outdoor enthusiasts can ride horses, raft whitewater, kayak, mountain bike, rock climb and ride ATV.  Winter months offer ice climbing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, skiing, and snowboarding.  The attorneys of Dewhirst Dolven & Parker have represented numerous companies that offer these activities, challenges, and products to individuals.  As a result, we are familiar with the legislation, case law and statutes that govern and control the rights and protections for persons and companies that provide commercial outdoor recreational activities, including but not limited to Equine Activities, Outfitters and Guides, Ski Area Activities, and Public Use for Recreation.

Many of the attorneys who work in the Outdoor Recreation Group at Dewhirst Dolven & Parker are also outdoor enthusiast themselves, and as a result, bring years of practical knowledge and experience to the table.  Miles Dewhirst, an avid skier, has handled a number of skiing and snowboarding cases.  He is also a former gymnast, enjoys golfing, and has climbed several of Colorado’s 14,000 foot mountains. George Parker is a golfer, rides a Harley motorcycle and hikes trails throughout the Rocky Mountain region, and enjoys hunting and fishing. Rick Haderlie is a pilot, and hunts and fishes regularly.

As a result of our group’s knowledge and experience, our attorneys do not have to take the time to get up to speed on a case by learning about the activity, thus realizing significant savings for our clients.  Dewhirst Dolven & Parker not only provides defense of a lawsuits after they occur, but also offers legal advice and drafts liability waivers to protect you and your company before any accident occurs.

The defense of premises liability claims is an important area of focus for our attorneys.  Our intimate knowledge of premises liability statutes in various states gives us an edge in defending such claims.  From the simple slip and fall case to complex operations of a business on a property, we have represented insureds, self-insured businesses, property management companies, and public entities throughout the Rocky Mountain region.  Our goal is to seek early dismissal of claims brought against property and/or business owners who are oftentimes protected from such actions by various statutes throughout the region.

Our products liability attorneys provide defense to a wide array of product liability claims and lawsuits, from helmets to popcorn.  Dewhirst Dolven & Parker also is involved in the design stage of products and seeks to assist its clients in providing legal advice with respect to spoliation and document retention issues that are so prevalent in today’s litigation.

Dewhirst Dolven & Parker has an established professional liability practice that focuses on the defense of both malpractice claims and professional liability.

Our public entity attorneys focus on special and unique issues that arise from representing governmental entities, such as the City & County of Denver and its agencies and departments including Denver International Airport (DIA).  Our intimate knowledge of various Governmental Immunity Acts provides us an advantage when representing governmental agencies, public officials and public employees.

The attorneys who practice in the wills, trusts and estate planning area have legal experience to assist individuals and families with wills and trusts, along with preparation of General Durable Powers of Attorney, Medical Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives for Medical/Surgical Care (Living Wills) and Appointment of Guardians.  Our firm provides these services with the intent to satisfy our clients’ needs in securing their and their families future.